Two Transportation Tips to Know if You're a New Wheelchair Owner

If you're still getting used to being in a wheelchair and have not yet used transportation, you should take note of these tips.

1. Test out using a wheelchair cab at a quiet time

If you've never used a wheelchair cab before, you might have a few worries about how you'll manage to get into and out of it, and about whether your wheelchair will be safe. To overcome these fears and enjoy the benefits of this transportation service, you should ensure that you book your first cab at a quiet time and use it as a type of practice session.

While most drivers of wheelchair cabs are excellent at handling wheelchairs because they do this so often, you may still find that your first attempt to get in and out of the cab with their help is awkward and slow, simply because you're doing it for the first time. If for example, you need to fold your wheelchair and be lifted onto the cab seat, then this might take a while and you may get flustered. Doing this at a time when there aren't lots of bystanders on the street will make it easier; you won't feel embarrassed or rushed.

2. Ask for assistance when travelling 

If you're independent, then you might be hoping that you can use transportation in your wheelchair without having to get help from those around you. Whilst there will be plenty of times when you'll have no difficulty doing this, you will probably occasionally need some assistance.

Whilst in the case of the aforementioned wheelchair cab, the driver will assist you without you having to ask them to, there may be times when, for example, you need to get off a train, that you have to ask another passenger to reach up and press the door-opening button, or when you want to go on a bus and need someone to fetch the bus' ramp so you can get on.

At first, you might feel worried about bothering people by need help. However, you will find that most people are happy to offer a hand and will not resent assisting you at all. By asking for help regularly when using transportation (even at times when you could potentially manage by yourself), you'll develop this challenging but essential habit of seeking help when you require it, without feeling any embarrassment.

To learn more, contact wheelchair-friendly cab services.